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Competition Entry by lyricalshyne (Member)

Submit Date: April 5, 2007

a yo, is tha mathmatical hannibal cannibal/
that's able to lable cables/ that i choke babies wit in the cradle stable/
my mind is fatal chump/ that's why i push bigger triggas than a gasoline pump/
my led leaves your soul num/
jesus made me georgus that's why i get more hoes than you produce cum/
cause I'm the lyrical biblical/
you see it I'm supa lyrical/
but i ain't big pun mi hente/
intende i got the big guns aight kid comprende/
cause you can catch a buck fifth while you smoking a spliff/
my uppa cuts give you a facelift/
your rhymes is basic i put a led in ya kneck to see pop like braclets/
i don't like to see new faces/ unless is a chick that's why my pipe be going in more wholes than shoe laces.

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