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Competition Entry by Ny-X (Member)

Submit Date: April 10, 2007

Aint complex just compact is wut u see. Since hip hop is dyin a slow death jus hear to illustrate wut happens with simple mathematics. 2 shots not keepin it legit another balck man pumpin handle bars on d-blocks cell. They break down the detalis cash cars money and clothes they say thats all we know. Keepin it open like a crack head blowin the marijuana not speakin robotic jus tha BIG L ebonics so now im lifted carryin my box. Peel out in big T's truck came out hidden from the living cuz ive been underground. I watch you tippy tope but im loud enough with a elephants stomp. Tha only mass muder that killed ya is the needle cuz u ceased to control it. So give me tha burner cuz imma bout to blow. Cant write nutin on my tombstone i still got 9 lives. Speakin wut i spoke sayin i can never catch u so sad i already got u cuz every rival i turn sucidal.

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