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Competition Entry by dopederrick (Member)

Submit Date: April 14, 2007

digy dope the boy who is no longer hidden/
im dustin off u wack MCs and sayin good ridden/
man im loaded like a truck/
hate on me, see if I give a fuk/
cause my style is jus so compact/
got more intelligence than an almanac/
see I do things with detail/
u tryin, but to no avail/
imma blow up, somethin like a elephant/
i gotta, I jus to elegant/
gimmie the mic, ill fukkin rock it/
break it down like robotic/
even ur bitch all over me like handle bars/
then i wax that like a candle & hard/
i write, dont illustrate/
gimmie a pen and pad, see what I create/
come in to my space, i call it a doom dome/
man, u jus mite as well get that fukkin tombstone/

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