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Competition Entry by Frizzy2u (Member)

Submit Date: April 15, 2007

guess whos back wit a bran new RAP ("its FRIZZ")
sqaushin up my words, so compact
i neva left this game, just call it hidden,
i would neva stop rhymen..R U KIDDEN??
i've come bak to illustrate tha rhyme play
fully loaded, affiliated to gun spray
i neva fail, to rip a tail thats off tha scalez
i bringen hardcore words, wit every detail
ma vokal voice b strong like i b robotic
il spitta rhyme, messin you up like Narcotics
im not a violent person that just doesnt givva F*ck
but if you test my wits, youl b underneathe my truck
nevamind your funiral, nevamind my consequence
ima squash yo ass like a stampeding elephant
neva mind on who's wrong
neva mind on whos right
im writen "c u next time" up on yo tomb stone.
now lemme twist u n flip you like your sum handle bars

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May 29, 2016

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