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Competition Entry by gunnin (Member)

Submit Date: April 17, 2007

1990 world was broke
filthy aniamls were abt to prevoke
april 4 in the holy site fo curfew
compact minded dirty system began to choke
those who ahd non gods their and just paly the stroke
i was born to lead and believe me this aint a joke
who lacks the on e to illustrate the a name
i rap frm the nepals street and ahead of me many me
but ia m good and i dont proclaim
beat to the sound hips ot profound
i ma king of my system u need detail text me
u hiddne they hidden these drugs magged mugged dirty games are breeding
in the name of game i am ashamed of their doin
50 ja obie dre they have to be suin
world wide sellers they destroyed we need a clue in look wt they have been doin
to resolve these magged fucker inside truck tyres and kill em
i got cd of game nothing filthy and lame
he claims whos grt hes bitch like rose rap and hes thorn i nthe stem
these genetic robotic hypnotic fat elephant they are free and who raps whts when
mother fucker i ma sick of russell simons
u saying they claims abt racist
btu they are rapers raping black white thing infront of many of us in the junkyard and selling the clipest
i buy them u do stop acting liek a fool
collect all of our stool and send to these rapers cribs hse and make them eat then they can be cool
idiots world have changed
and hiphop is really dead
fuck u ice cube g unti nwa bad guys punke ass
they sould be tumbstoned in the steel ass mugged

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