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Competition Entry by Don-The-Mike (Member)

Submit Date: May 4, 2007

If i ever hit a bammer ima hammer it in/scramble and then/come back, to gamble in sin/im compact, but as wide as ive been/ id probly come back wit a knife to slice someone then/dice um and send it all speedy delivery/ you need me cuz miserys been killin these kids you see/ im, willin to make a deal to decide how to keep from gettin killed and survive but not before i/got shot by the guy somthin tragic/im just teasin you cant have it it sucks/so just package it up/im not breakin or backin it up/accelerator strapped to my gut/i tell a hater he'll git slapped wit a nut/ laughin it up!/ like dont be a dick, and stop the addiction/ what? u need a description!?/but its hella weird when non sellin queers sit in their tower/i spit in the shower fo practice you lack this you should git smacked bitch/ your an imposter/ look at the cost/ jerk ima be mad if you gitta floss first/ ill spit rocks to bruise and beat you down/ and still be unfound/ so discrete in some town/ when i got you layin down in the concrete at cho mom's feet shit ...i dont even need this...

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