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Competition Entry by Tall-order (Member)

Submit Date: May 7, 2007

I gotta avoid the subside like a ship with the tide,cuban dried,
you DECIDE if whats left is pride
depressed an deprived like a pesticide advice is,if you endorse my voice,my DEVICE will leave your corpse on im man of the manor I'll show you real urban-grammer,1 smack of my HAMMER will twist your nut like a spanner.Your bleeding,barely breathing im seething,keeping tabs on the roster,sweeping deepened drabs for IMPOSTER.
dont be a hater my ACCELERATOR keeps the pace like a pacemaker.
My flow is cut with DELIVERY more potent than the military with there artificial artillery,
cause lyrically i got the ethics of alphabetics alphabetically sewn,but jealousy brings critical critics thats cynically typical hypotetically shown.Its savage my PACKAGE its TRAGIC,me magic il'leave you static like magnetic akrobathics,telepathic formathics arridically arrathic.My graphical mathematics make gadjets for addicts,i aint Egyptian but if you want my DESRIPTION you'll have to enlist to decrypt the encyption.cause tall-order is a TOWER cast,casting power from his hour glass.............

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