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Competition Entry by Baby_Gurl (Member)

Submit Date: May 8, 2007

This one here goes out to all those bitches out thurr... u think u hot but u not, i got the top spot, and it ain't gonna stop. And in case u don't no just who i am, i'm the shawty rollin round ur hood in my pimped out Grand Am. Step on the accelerator, u no i'm lookin so fly, so high, and ima let u decide... If you wanna mess wit me bitch u no u gonna die. I come on strong like a hammer i got my handy device, it's gonna slice, cut, and dice. U think this is harsh well, i ain't here to be nice. Everyone no u an imposter, they no that i'm the whole package. When u don't come home they no it had to be tragic. Not. Bitch they don't even care, cuz u no if they did then they wouldhave been there. I admire ur bravery but i told u not to mess wit me. Now ima make a delivery of u to the grave, that's what's u getwhenu try to be brave. Bitch ima stand over u tall as the CN Tower and ima look down at u cuz u no i got the power.

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