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Competition Entry by PrincessNellNel (Member)

Submit Date: May 11, 2007

I am no Impostor, to this rap game when I get my shine on
I can do anything that I put my mind on
buried deep in this game and I'm only 12 going strong
Now that I've Decided to do ain't no way I can go wrong
Lyrical Accelerator but I will keep it simple now how tragic is that
My Delivery is so deep you better guard and watch your back
A Package so strong you think I dropped a bomb on ya mind
Dj playing me on the hot line
Nell nell coming through can I get mine
My Description handed in I'm on the dance floor
Gotcha shaking y'all heads with the crunk flow
I'm a Tower of deliverance with the mic kids understand
I do better than any boy or any man can
I'll hit with the Hammer but I'm not done yet
Look at me (ha ha ha) I ain't finished yet
My Device is not a weapon but a skill y'all
Toss up throw it down it's your call
It's kinda tragic that I won't lose
Place a kid in where in your articles
Front page headline that's right
Have ya whole hood played and hyped out.

Hip lives on in every word I spit
It's ain't my fault other cat's handle it
I get deep and I'm sick with it
It makes you wonder stop and think how did she hit
I'm just a kid with a heavy mind
Too much to say when I'm given my me time
You might not like it I do so do I really care
It's what I do when given a little air
On the radio bet it up I need the hot line
Nell Nell young cat hip hop's newest life line

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