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Competition Entry by Rick James (Member)

Submit Date: May 12, 2007

Theres an imposter in the game and its plain to me. Its the kind of thing that even a blind man could see, the way he rhymes is simply tragic, when i rhyme its with style, its almost magic. im sick of all the phony gs who decide they got better delivery than me, im the greatest and thats for all of you to see. they use a phat backbeat as a device to hide their flaws, they dont rap they like cats claws, on a blackboard back in school, teacher saying my delivery aint cool, saying im always going to be a fool, never going to make it in this biz, so i go on the streets, package of crack-age in da pack on my back, i ride thru the hood and homie its all good, till the shots ring off and i step on the accelerator, chased by older niggas who want what i got and not got a lot, shots ringing past my ear, almost too loud for a young nigga to hear, they guns run out and they start to shout
"Yo ass is dead, next time you be seen, we gotsta hammer in yo head.. Danny G" Woah now hang on there that aint my name, i climbed to the top of the tower, wheres my fame? my face should be seen as the one, the only,no mistaken identities made me think life in this world aint free, cos im not the only one u see... Theres an imposter in the game and its plain to me.

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