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Competition Entry by willie stylz (Guest)

Submit Date: May 27, 2007

all you rap cat's talkin bout bleedin the block.fake g's in the hood should be leavin the block.they need me alot.cause i put it down for the trill.all my homies in the dot who be thuggin for real.on the corner bustin guns servin crack in such.gettin funds loadin tooly's bustin mac's for buck's .gave you my life,in the hood earned them stripes.did time in the pen and my bid was trife.bang da set ,crip fool claim the set and if we ever went to war then you know im a threat.hug my heat ,like the bricks hug my raps when the huggin a beat.who want beef wit i,real banger when i creep you die.pour gas on yo back watch you burn and me the deal who ever get me signed and sealed.will be that label that be gettin them mills,this is part of the skill.yeah it's hip but it aint the hop it's only half of this flow i got still reppin the dot.37,38 what's up willie stylz spittin raw in the cut,tell em that's what's up .i see you haters still holdin ya nuts let em go.turn ya radio's up cause im back in the booth.willie stylz came to spread the truth",ghetto raised the album,"in a hood near you.

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