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Competition Entry by AngryExcon (Member)

Submit Date: June 1, 2007

The conman is back to give yall some DIRECTION/ change the face of the game with my expression/ accept it, I'm still a LEGEND/ whether on earth or corruptin' heaven/ cock the hammer, pull the LEVER/ on all those who think they clever/ my design stays fly like Frank Wright's ARCHITECTURE/ how's it feel to be tongue-tied and AWKWARD/ I talk words, all angry like cross-words/ grip mikes like tentacle/ crush yall with eight arms IDENTICAL/ yall stay garbage like recepticle/ my flows be electrical/ shock foes till they vegetables/ I fire words like FIREWORKS and artillery/ leaving competition behind like auxillary/ spit hot shit like medival serpent/ turn flame to water when I reverse it/ verbally drown MC's until their bodies float to the SURFACE/ I never relent I just INVENT/ more verses than all the churches in the world have seen hearses/ steal your girl with my talents/ her eyes pop when my books get BALANCEd/ if yall don't eat this up... kiss my grits and toss my salad................

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flamethrower, accident, kangaroo, level, shark, oblivion, storm, vehicle, squeeze, energetic

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May 29, 2016

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