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Competition Entry by Baby_Gurl (Member)

Submit Date: June 5, 2007

This here's Baby Gurl...U wanna no? Well... Ima let u in on a secret,Don't repeat it, Bitch don't feed it, Just leave it, U better believe it. Ima get u, Don't be a fool, Just play it kool, Like i ain't told u nothin. Cuz ima come ur DIRECTION full fledged anger and wit a bad intention. Wit dis move ima INVENT a LEGEND, Ima be the one that everyone mention. I got a BALANCE of smooth rhyme, Perfect time. Im like FIREWORKS goin off wit a bang and a chime, Im bigger then da news and the lastest war crime. Im not angelical, Not apologetical, It's incredible adds up mathematical, IDENTICAL to antitypical. Im not ur typical gurl. Its not AWKWARD i do it wit grace, Smooth as a glass SURFACE, Look delicate like lace but really a menace. Im like a delicate ARCHITECTURE, use it like a LEVER to make me look innocent when im the one to blame, dont fuck wit me man cuz im gud at dis game.

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