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Competition Entry by Tall-order (Member)

Submit Date: June 5, 2007

It takes'eh split decision 4 my
minds vision'te'wonder out'this open prison,so stop''n''listen dont compromise the composition. nor'do'mention my new dimension were the bottle of jenson brings more tension,i INVENT the words descended from meanings'demented
by demons'tormented by resentment 4 relentless of hard not soft with me card'aloft ive me hand on the LEVER like lara infrastructure ballistic but agriculture's me ARCHITECTURE's artistic'the diagnosis is cystic fibrosis i quivered'in'eh shivver like im hit in the knee,me bones began'te whitter lapsed from lax'of vitamin C.but with BALANCE tall-order has irish hiphop hopping'like hot-pot-popcorn popping,so you'd better hold onto'yer compass 4 DIRECTION 'n' tread chalk'te'yer map,coz capped smack'is'rising its ricin pure poison,wrap capped
eh'reaches the deceased it seizes
so delicate but intricate its
tele-kenisis,no chemicals or
IDENTICAL stencils me tenticale
pencils credentials'te instrumental can i
compliment incompotent content on the continents conscious.the residential champs here'te'shine on this thing so chumps'yer irrelevant like FIREWORKS in spring.toward u ima LEGEND yer'worthless'yer purpose dont even scratch the SURFACE I kno its'kinda AWKWARD 4 you cowards no powers leaves'yea 2small 4 talls-towers

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