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Competition Entry by FatBeezy (Member)

Submit Date: June 19, 2007

Fat Beezy nineteen confused and raised in D-Town where dem boyz act like Krusty a damn clown. I dress to impress let a nigga look at me wrong AK to his chest. Iím no stranger to picking up my glock and letting my feelings EXPRESS. Itís UNBELIEVEABLE canít leave the house without my gun and vest. They see a young dope dealing WIZARD now they ready to test. Yeah they get jealous and depress to me it boils down to whose PERFORMANCE and success. Who can move dat work take dat territory I have boyz up state that will make you move around like Robert Horry. Just to keep RECORD Iím undefeated in my work. Got a girl by my side but like Heather Headley in my mind I wish I never met her at all putting her feelings under pressure is he coming home or not. Pushing a 300 Chrysler Iím in a jungle with my heart beating harder and stronger than a TIGER. My boyz be like Beezy you remember way back then when we had dem girls paging. Yes I remember same broads new millennium cell phones ringtones more hoes callin talking bout their RAGING hormones ready bone asking me (fat daddy) when you coming home. Iím the kind of nigga that donít hate on red or blue I consider myself a Super NATURAL with the money, power, and respect too if you donít like I can grab my tech9 just for you. Yo boi in the 300 playing San Andreas ADRENALIN already up with homie girl in the passenger sit ready to fuck for a buck is that shit crazy or what. Iím a real hood nigga not jocing Joc nigga fuck with me I can be like Huey and Pop, lock, and drop him on his BIRTHDAY losing his life for a present sunrise sunset same day you lay six feet under with yo mama at home black dress looking like she wonder. Why he had to fuck with Beezy dat way. Iím all about work no play Iíll get baptized Sunday to wash all my sins away.

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