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Competition Entry by AngryExcon (Member)

Submit Date: June 20, 2007

I stay like a WIZARD, I'm slizzard/
off Incredible Hulk my potent elixir/
till I'm green as a lizard, yet I'm blue in the face/
from spitting this way/
everyday's my BIRTHDAY cause I've got so much cake/
step up your game/
yall are over par while I'm a true TIGER/
my PERFORMANCE is fire/
for the RECORD yours remains minor/
I spit like a geyser, and stay NATURAL/
EXPRESS UNBELIEVABLE but what you get is all actual/
my stamina's maximal, and my ADRENALIN's RAGING/
do I speak a different language?/
maybe Cuban or Asian?/
bottom of the map like I'm Cajun?/
my flavor stays blazin/
from the flames that I speak/
yall are burn victims every 4 weeks/
since I aim to please, I'm always on target/
hip-hop drill sergeant, and yall training is basic/
I twist a track up like a blunt and just lace it/
face it, if this was I test I easily aced it...

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