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Competition Entry by Stainless (Guest)

Submit Date: October 27, 2006

Yo I'm that youth givin u nothin but the TRUTH/Not gonna lie,In the street for dat loot/i'll make ya ass bleed like a gingervitis tooth/Now that im here you lost ya reign now thats a TRAGEDARY,you aint LEGENDARY you're just a parody/I'm fresh and i came for my throne/you already used up more than a damn TELEPHONE/I'ma gangsta but i'm here for the chicks/they love me,case the dick is longer than a fuckin HOCKEY-STICK/but for safety i keep it CAGED/And crush these nigga like a dam rampage/If u rule/Ima make u fade/cause u not qualified to march in a veterans PARADE/I'm a playa yall already bin played,
yeah like a musical intrument/
How will can frizzy2 win again/when they chick know he's impotent/I'm a blessin and i'm here to teach wankstas a LESSON/
Stop exchangein luv songs like Frankee and Eamon,Now I'm really sorry I had to unleash This DEMON/

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