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Competition Entry by Baby_Gurl (Member)

Submit Date: June 26, 2007

fires RAGING. full of hate an frustrated wit all u MC's who is fake. take a time out an go get baked, let ur big fuckin head delfate. ur PERFORMANCE is weak an believe me it won't get better, it ain't somethin u can tweak. it's UNBELIEVABLE how yall got the nerve b bringin that shit up in here, bitch i no that u heard. me. believe me. someone need to give u the boot, cuz people laughin while u rhymin like u standin in ur BIRTHDAY suit! but man im like a WIZARD makin majic, it's a NATURAL thing an ain't everybody have it. u battle wit me it's like bein put in a cage wit a TIGER, u won't have a chance to start, cuz wit my paws and my claws ima rip u apart. u'll get back up wit ur huge ass ego sayin bring it come on, well ima give u an earfull. Then u stress, wat i gonna pull out next? bitch ima run u down like da polar EXPRESS. My record so fly u get an ADRENALIIN rush, shawty if u can't rhyme then stand back and stay hush. U don't say a word stun'd and fazed out by wat u jus heard.

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