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Competition Entry by MC-3PO (Guest)

Submit Date: June 30, 2007

It's UNBELIEVABLE, that you people thaink you got a shot, its inconcievable
All you Hip POP emcees are feminine and get my ADRENALIN trembilin
Transform me from nice to beast like gremilins, your venom is getting taking over by real emcees like the Refromation in Engeland.
I'm the dealdy assasin with the Sniper, shootin emcee by emcce in the Fire,
blast Hip POP transforming into the ghost Rider, Ill put all into endangerment like TIGERS
When it comes to hot flow Im lava, and my rhymes are the Warmest
when it comes to delivery, Im the illest in PERFORMANCE.
I EXPRESS my best intellect when I hit RECORD
none of you popstars can touch this swinging Sword
When it comes to hip hop its in me its NATURAL
BUt hip POP, gets me RAGING its imitation and not Actual
I cant say it enough; but vanish from the Picture
disapear, faster than the victims of a WIZARD
So please grant me my BIRTHDAY Wish
And seize the hip pop, just call it all Quits

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