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Competition Entry by loop_pool (Member)

Submit Date: October 28, 2006

loop pool says********
I fuckin' shocked whn i failed 2 rock this site....fuck this hype men cuz somebody fucked ma rhyme's aint right men.. 2 beat a wild animal CAGED inside my brain veins...always flexed toward sex n drugs give LESSONs 2 facin bullet slugs...i aint listen n dissin other motherfuckaz plea cuz dey flee like done a crime dropin' dime in due time fucks n butt kissin...temperaments gettin' worthless unless someone faces dog eat dog mentalities originated from cat's starvin'...makes improvements diminishes behind invincible INSTRUMENTs can changes someone's intentions unless restless stress transmutin' itself to LEGENDARY faces...even dictionary aint streatches it so wide dat it aint funny in life if u aint gat money n wife cuz it aint all dat koo hahahoohoo like scraymovie2..u 've 2 face the TRUTH dats quite sad 2 c whn u facin tragidies in upperclass cities...its gettin' difficult 2 make ppl un'stand dat rappers' PARADE smotherin' da ghetto societies...cuz of da lyrics gettin queries n convos dat spoken in TELEPHONE; so i'm alone in my zone who left da whole rapshyt dat no mo basics gettin' gayshyt n wasted...still these wacky lyrics makin ma face red like hittin faces wit a iz dead....but i'll make da rap's resurrection no bloods n gunshots in hiphop world n no mo fuckin' crooked venomous DEMONS.......LOVE u ALL 1

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