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Competition Entry by chuccles07 (Member)

Submit Date: July 25, 2007

in my NIKE shoes creepn' up slow/ you wont here me wen i move im so smooth it's unbeliveable/im INTELLIGENT/ ill kill u for tha hell of it/i promise one thing, to never keep my HANDGUN celebit/keep tha gloves n rags so they never kno who it is/i stay true to this/FBI think my MURDEROUS lyrics r tha reasons for tha crimes in tha city/and as tupac said i been doin this since i was an itty bitty kiddy/im thug as fuk even tho i got some titties/UNDERCOVER trynna chase me through tha allys n tha streets/they think they're layn low but everyone knows who they b/PRESIDENT trynna tap throught our speakers but cant understand wat we say/im laughin cuz tha feds r fukin lame/we're walkin a mile ahead of them every single day/and my hatred for tha police will RADIATE to my peeps/ therefor the police will never have peace/ till me n my bois become decised/i climb one step on tha LADDER every day i wake up and breath/this is a rough game and tha end is wat u dont kno and can't see/a cold game u need a JACKET to keep ya mind focused on wat u need/and ta follow ya dreams/
tough thoughts through ya mind/this pain from tha game keeps my desire to keep moving on/i refuse to CRASH n i wont burn/im a thug bitch so listen n learn/you only understand wat i say if you've lived in a similar way/so knock some heads off dont let ne obsticals get in ya way/do wat u gotta do n stay thug wit it thats all i gotta say.

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