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Competition Entry by D-Reppin (Member)

Submit Date: October 28, 2006

Tight submission by Frizz, but Iím gonna give it my best neverthelessÖThe tempo is slow so read it slow OK

Before I started rapping, my mind was caged in, enraged by the fact that I couldnít express my feelings.
Now hip-hop and rap is enveloped itís a part of me, if I donít develop its going to be a tragedy.
In my sleep I see famished demons scheming, blood tarnished when I wake up everything seems to vanish.
I walk the streets with the memory of rappers like Proof, now iím gonna prove to these cats that I am the truth.
Story-telling iím like a wounded villain using penicillin chilling, amused by the fact Iím killing these victimsí victim.
Iím telling you my hollow tips hit these fucks harder than hockey-stick hit pucks, you niggas better duck.
The hollows I talk about are my lyrics itís a weapon, since adolescence my presence is the essence of this lesson.
Hip-hop music has turned a parade niggas dropping songs only to get laid, state of mind: to get paid.
Iím one of the truest look how many cats influenced you say you the one prove it iíll give you the instrument.
The mike, like an M-16 with the pen iím extreme so legendary in the streets hard to meet as I speak.
I stand tall, you know I will never fall, gunshots drop more niggas than telephone calls.
Iíve reached my destination, awoken again, hip-hop music in me, now iím here to stay.
My mind is free I feel a breath of fresh air; make way for the real heir of this rap game.

P.S. I Live For Rap Forever

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