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Competition Entry by Baby_Gurl (Member)

Submit Date: July 31, 2007

U a mess, like a victim in a car CRASH.
Couldn't keep ur fuckin mouth closed, that's y u got smashed.
Slashed, dashed, gashed , didn't no it was comin cuz it happened so fast.
Im thinkin MURDEROUS fun,u press my buttons, n i'll pull the trigger on my HANDGUN, then run, I got my NIKE's on.
I no wat's at stake, if i'm caught then i'm done.
They'll put me in a straight JACKET, everywhere i go they b trackin.
Spose to b UNDERCOVER comin dis direction, heard they called in da PRESIDENT.
It aint my fault, im so broke im dealin, stealin, killin to pay da rent.
I ain't worried bout gettin caught, cuz im too INTELLIGENT.
Climbin da LADDER, earnin stripes, RADIATE hate, i ain't no saint, not fake, i'm doin it big, illegal in everyway, gettin it badder everyday.
Watch ur back, an more important bitch watch wat u say!!!

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