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Competition Entry by J.Bake21 (Member)

Submit Date: August 16, 2007

I rock a Heinz Ward jersey dats da year of my birth/1 9 8 6 da kid was put on this earth/destined to curse da game and stir up shit/don't wanna see me when i flip,I'm a lunatic/Posted up on da block where ya'll can find me/Or maybe in a cypher spittin poison like ivy/try me cuz you'll see rappins my fortay/You wanna take it to da streets somebody's K leave you Slayed/Not a DJ but when I'm cuttin people listen/Flip ya style all ya'll dudes doin is fussin and bitchin/But I got a Cocaine flow plus da hooks is Hot/Add a Baking Soda bass line what you got/My songs audio Crack and your speakers a pipe/I don't got fans I got fiends dat stay up all night/Rockin back and forth finger on da rewind button/Fam I'm hungry,for dis fame I'm a fuckin glutton.


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