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Competition Entry by D-Reppin[AlterEgo] (Guest)

Submit Date: October 29, 2006

Lol...if i didn't submit that stuff, this is what i would've submit (you make the choice)

As I relax in pretense I keep my shit up while ya chick keep her lips on it iím like what the f--k?
Teaching lessons to rap adolescence, presence is god with no blasphemy, coming through religion and all.
I cage cats because they crazily wave macs without waiting stained blood sheets from hockey-stick we run that. The hood we own it telephone in the rolls with ya hoes popped up like the trunk on 24 inch.
Rims stainless paint the parade with cool aid getting laid while these real lames, getting paid in the coke trade.
I sleep with demons masturbate my semen rapping melancholy while these wacks spitting the crack parody.
Free styling sinister riding with the vitamin S putting the whole stick in ya chickís instrument with finesse.
Feeling so merry the legendary without the airy in your area causing mass hysteria like
Jim Carrey
My flows so potent holding it up like a mighty morphing power ranger these gays stay far away from the saber
Imagine that I already used up my words now its time for me to take over the whole f--kin world!!!

lol, freestylin, they both tight to me!!

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