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Competition Entry by Diamond A (Guest)

Submit Date: August 21, 2007

Got my tools in my closet and my whole crew shank/plus im finnin to DEPOSIT in da west end bank/some punks think they doin it aint no need pursuin it/cuz i DELIVER lyrics like i soulja boy crank(EY!)/Take a look at my REFLECTION,what you would find/is my unique flow, gangsta state of mind/cuz its kool how i do it/I just cruise bussin tools at dem fools ya/i dont really waste no time/EXECUTE like im ridin my ECLIPSE that shine/my crew MANUFACTURE weed so dat blunt is mine/aint neva did no time fo no crime/ i just shine/and da cops catch me clean man everytime/some suckas always spit like a ECHO(echo)/rappin bout cars but they drive a ECHO(echo)/bring my crew so that we leh go leh go/now dem boys changin colors like a gecko gecko/makin FIREWORKS you see/aint nothin new to me/im complex like a PUZZLE/and in time you will see.

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