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Competition Entry by eternalprince (Member)

Submit Date: September 14, 2007

Ya boy came to rock the ship, Like an ICEBERG on a Titanic tip/
ASSAULTing all these little punks running off at the lips/
LEGENDARY flow hits you like EXPENSIVE sips/
Taking shots to the head till you're buzzed as shit/
Flow OPPOSITE of healthy, I'm sick wit it/
Doctor said I'm sorry son aint no TREATMENT/
When the ADRENALIN starts rushing yall know something is coming/
Shoot in the air like the OLYMPICS watch them cowards start running/
For them that didnt catch the MOVEMENT, I sit back and laugh.
Then like a lion on a ZEBRA sneak and bite that ass.
You all suck like Superhead bout to be Superdead/
Pop you in ya Stupidhead and turn the walls Super red.


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