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Competition Entry by DC (Member)

Submit Date: September 14, 2007

u other rappers r like titanic b4 it hit the iceburg,
half a yall are gay, the rest a yall r nerds
I'm bout ta lyrically assualt ur ass wit legendary rhymes bitch do the math
you fake phony bitches can't fuck wit me, u know i smoke dat zebra weed
i'll download ur ass on mp3
special olympics bitches need a treatment for TB
u can come hate at foward slash huntsville rapstar....
an while ur doin that i'll be makin a movement towards ur girls outstretched arm
i only hang wit expensive chix that get my adrenalin pumpin
u jus the opposite u be hangin out wit broke chix then put em on ta sumthin
dont lie i saw ur ass workin at mcdonalds
arent u the one that dresses up and plays ronald mcdonald
boy, i be sippin maitais in tahiti wit da donald
illuminati recordz in ur face fuck wit me ur ass gets erased............peace

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