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Competition Entry by DTre (Member)

Submit Date: September 14, 2007

Iceberg dont compare to me, i aint as cold as one just dont make me be, D-Tre the name i need no comitte, im in love wit hip-hop ofcourse down wit it, ill fight you for it but this is purely your fault, dont get confused my physical Assaults, im so Legendary you dont wanna get involved, you attact like your stressed your hard knock life jigga, got me good me but i cut you like a Zebra, i kick you in da head and your brain went loosy, i punch on da nose it got bloody juicy, you stumbeling and your thoughts went confusing, its only been a second you already loosing, my flexibility comps out Olympics, dont try it dawg cause then you'll need some Treatment, knock you in a rush your sensative to ma Movement, i tens up your muscles they screaming move me move me!! then i get you weak you you wobble more than gelatin your skeleton is tired i maintain my Adrenalin, i thought you were competition but it turns out the Opposite, you aint much for me, and this aint bout money, and if those were the intentions then this conpensate would be too crazy Expensive

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