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Competition Entry by Friction07 (Member)

Submit Date: September 14, 2007

ICEBERG feta cheese green niggas
talkin'bout they money,
LEGENDARY like Gene Tunney,
Rap like a mummy/
Tight as a vice grip, niggas quicker to skip da cypher,
Rap Magyver spit fire ,wit no lighter/
A Messiah when it comes to Rap,
Same ghetto trap, as Rakim,
ADRENALIN pumps thru my pen/
Like an IV, I See ,da blood runnin' slow,
Like an automatic ASSAULT weapon da shells blow/
Holes in your chest, I Guess, ur vest was no match,
Radio, nuthin'but static sent back, to dispatch/
U da OPPOSITE of breathin',
da opposite of cheatin' death,
Doctors said " There's no TREATMENT left"/
No MOVEMENT, You chillin' on the coroners cart,
Your heart, had a false start like an OLYMPIC fart/
That pushed you ova the line flat,da ZEBRA in the white hat,
Had real bullets sprayin' outta the gat/
Sorta like the ones where I live,
da guns in the crib,
bustin caps wit foreign gats gets quite EXPENSIVE/ (Foreal)

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