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Competition Entry by $paide (Member)

Submit Date: September 18, 2007

left hook wit the right verbs, i just light herb/
and then the game history like "ICEBERG"/
thats the clothin line, assault wit a open nine/
aim close to ya brain leave a open mind/
im so legendary hold weight like the libra sign/
see the world in black n white like some zebra lines/
u see the movement, u see the pimp tricks/
hood walk limp quick like special olympics/
no special treatment tho, nah i dont need a hoe/
to dig up green, i figure i just need to flow/
u ain't real tho, ur adrenaline got u poppin shi/
but u not nice, a gentleman? im the opposite/
i could cop a brick, flip, move extensive/
if money talk u would shut up, cus its too expensive... im $paide

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