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Competition Entry by CHIEF (Guest)

Submit Date: September 23, 2007

well I bring a battle to the zone
yall wanna get personal
chief take it home
Nyceaze,about to freeze
drove his ass into an iceberg
all the way to his knees
wanna file for assault
nigga please
just another bitch talkin shit
against this legendary poet
all these emcees up hia know it
like a javelin in the olympics
im a throw it
hit a zebra by mistake
now Im feastin on stallion steak
treatment only kings deserve
I got nerve
lil glide and swerve
movement of the great champs
world title here I come
no more need for food stamps
feed off adrenalin let the buzz settle in
my rhymin is the opposite to wack and bargin bin
its off the hook and the chain im expensive to entertain
I only refrain from dissin culprits
cause theres yin yang to maintain
keep the balance in hip hop
I see it all from up top
CHIEF got this kingdom on lock down
bow now or get
beat down

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