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Competition Entry by Angel Shelton (Guest)

Submit Date: September 25, 2007

You should have seen my reaction, I witness the assault. Iceberg fought but he still lost. Don't tell me opposites don't attract, she was high class and he was wack. She was used to expensive living, he was used to stealing. Bragging on how he almost made it too the olympics. Word, on the streets is that he carries zebra bags. That's a flag! As a matter of fact he is a fag, she caught him right in the act. Her adrenalin got to rushing she started cursing. she warn him to stop the movement. He tried to run she cock the gun. She gave him a real shock treatment. Now, he's in the hospital seeking treatment. She was well on her way to being legendary, if she wasn't so much in a hurry for a man.

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