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Competition Entry by Melcube (Member)

Submit Date: September 27, 2007

If you ever hit an iceberg so hard like Titanic,
don't panic it's not so eccentric
if you get nicked,
just take a second to visualise the technique,
that'll make you legendary like the bonnie 'n' clyde myth.
From ma point of view if you go to the pen,
you might end up stripes like a Zebra friend,
assaults come at meal time and bed time man,
adrenalin don't help in there you're night stands.
The guy below your bed might have alot of muscles like he took the the olympics heavyweight at 8,
when it's late he might get on you for some V.I.P treatment,
you sleep with your mind awake anticipating movements.
It's not his fault you're much like his opposite,
telling him you are a man is a joke too expensive.

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