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Competition Entry by seek writ (Guest)

Submit Date: September 28, 2007

seek writ assault your face
leave you confused
like an iceberg abused
by greenhouse fumes
meltdown Im a flow like tsunami
assault from my verbal army
leave you barmy
yall cant harm me
my rebuttle iz legendary
Im a bedtime story
like a zebra wit wingz
yall cant ignore me
hip hop type olympics
rhythmics and remix
Im at the top of the podium
full treatment from hot chix
too much game
from playa to slayer
one movement
I flip the script
High off adrenalin
freestylin from the lips
leave my opposite
tongue tied
with his brain fried
just another mere mortal
to be denied
talk to the mitt
of this culprit
yall better forfeit
dis comp could get expensive
if ya got bling
pawn it

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