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Competition Entry by gunnin (Member)

Submit Date: September 30, 2007

homey just changed i ain't changed
homey is gay , i ain't gay

u lock lips u just love my intensity
see my ass, u just wanna feel on me
the lord has given the door ,the chamber is closed
u wanna move from the forest , into vault and in the floor
then just loor in olympics like u are the one to be disposed
too much reassasinate been doing
it's just overdose
everytime i see ,zebra it's like kanya on his pose
with his gay act lookin he is dirty old slut
the next time when assault begins
kill the slump sitting in iceberg eating some oat

but homey has changed and i aint changed
he treats me gay ,I AIN'T GAY

used to fuck maria , st to the expensive gucci
but now u wanna touch lee and say no no to cushy
big black pussy
leather jacket outside purple white pussy
u leave them and wanna touch men
and asked to hush me
it's for the chick not for the gay hoe's
they have to be killed then only smell goes
i love that chick with tight breast and wanna stay
i claim her like every chick is beauty and she's for
n will do anything no matter what occur
caz i love opposite sex her hips to the movement and die for her fur

fuck u gays
gunnin back on the top
n curtis new album drop
n kanya u are flop
fuck u kanya west
buys fiddy's new cd

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