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Competition Entry by Unicron (of (Guest)

Submit Date: October 19, 2007

As I get it together,careers I'm continuing to sever/
once I place my calloused hands around a mic. My palms are rougher than leather./
Suckers are clever, to not involve themselves with my hardcore style./
I rock a black mask to conceal my odd profile/
and since I'm lyrically legendary the military has been sent to unmask me/
but I've been repping this since the Funky Drummer got freaked by Paul C. McKasty/
so the commanding officer's only instruction was "Don't die and stay alive"/
but his troops thought Lil Zane was old school, so there's no way they'd survive./
As I let off a few metaphors the first cat's exclamation was "Ohh issh!"./
His lack of knowledge was like pitting a shark versus a goldfish./
I pushed aside his corpse and proceeded to contribute to the next man's demise./
I had him shook like a fat belly-dancer. I saw the fear in his eyes./
I eased my urge to dominate and figured I'd burn him later/
and asked him to convey to his squad, retreat before you fall to the rap terminator.

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