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Competition Entry by eternalprince (Member)

Submit Date: October 20, 2007

Shout outs to NY Sleaze
First off you never should have INVOLVEd me in ya little riff bitch/
Callin out more names than a neighborhood snitch//
But when you called out Eternal I had to laugh at this/
Ya smarts like MILITARY intelligence, it dont exist//
Read ya PROFILE, you said that youre ya favorite rapper/
I guess you used to feelin ya self, hope you wipe up after//
You aint no TERMINATOR nah you just a washed up actor/
Tryin to DOMINATE but Sleaze you aint even a factor//
Claiming NYC when you live upstate/
Getting Im a G INSTRUCTIONs from the latest mix tape//
Let me CONTRIBUTE some help before it gets too late/
Next time you think about Eternal, Sleaze stop n wait//
Beat you with a LEATHER strap and watch ya life vacate/
Feed ya CORPSE to the SHARKS n be back home by 8//
You a fake from upstate who woke a giant up/
Fa real ya best move would have been to keep ya mouth shut//


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