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Competition Entry by wizdim (Guest)

Submit Date: October 20, 2007

wisdim creates victims
through terminator type vision
encryption activated wit
military precision.
like my profile I am unique
and can spit to any beat
instruction manual not neccessary
Ill dominate on any street
take a break than repeat
Ill tear a hole in the fabric of space and time
involve your whole click
leave you stranded alone on a leyline.
damn I rhyme fine
ability at critical
I contribute to foreign affairs
human rights
cos Im so political
bitch made player haters
want wat they cant have
this shark turn your whole hood
into a blood bath
victimised and mesmerised
by this rapper wit size I know
yall all despise
but a corpse cant tell lies.
Im a just stand here at the top
swattin flies
cos you fools are just dead
to this level head
unlike jesus
I dont break bread
I just break bones
and dreams
love to hear you bitches scream
when I slaughter your team
mean hori mean
NZ keepn it green
Ill drop accapella to any fella
that can hook me up wit ms UMBRELLA...Rhianna where you at......

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