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Competition Entry by Friction07 (Member)

Submit Date: October 21, 2007

Neva a victim,I just go Vick on em'son,
NY Cease to exist like a pit being hung/
Call me da TERMINATOR, my style greater, then that SHARK white meat hanging off ur CORPSE,
Deeper than Randy Moss/
Running a post route, put chrome in ur grille like the south,
I'm a general,I know you heard it word off mouth/
It's Ludacris how I DOMINATE a bitch in a LEATHER thong,
My MILITARY PROFILE, realer then Saigon/
I Bomb ur whole entourage,shells bigger then turtle,
INVOLVE da chick who birthed u, she sick wit the flu/
Cuz da bitch can't follow INSTRUCTIONS, when she got to cluckin',Her brain froze & she caught a nut-in/
You sayin' something??.... or u just CONTRIBUTE to bluffin',ur names nothin', Friction neva sleeps cousin!!!/

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