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Competition Entry by Tall-Order (Guest)

Submit Date: October 25, 2007

I see the MILITARY in the street like theres still war,they cant defeat wat we seek coz were still sore.but its all but too late,they DOMINATE yer'faith an take it straight to the place were they break rates,an make snakes CONTRIBUTE to fakes stakes
its an INSTRUCTION 4 you cheap skates an scapegoats,keep faith an take notes,realness dont break oathes.the audio TERMINATOR il'exterminate the traitors later,im not goin bck to the jacket i cant hackit im hackin my wrists with a hatchet,imma sadistic bastard gone ballistic with my wrists slit another statistic 4 bollistix to spend christmas poking they nose in my buisness.till there puzzle is solved,this dont INVOLVE you at all but i cant speak,i cant rest in peace b'coz i cant sleep.
the ceilings are screaming the reasons im feeling so scweamish the demons are feeding on my bleeding flesh,my open chest is being eating away by the coke an stress,now my ghost wont rest.
its too late,my decomposed CORPSE is SHARK bait,,
coz lately ive being chewing LEATHER 4 safety,my PROFILE is crazy,bad dose of raiby's my ghost toasts the navvy,my hopes choked my lady coz its il'as the dope is,like the pope its hopeless hocuc pocus stay focused and your bound te'be noticed.....peace.........

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