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Competition Entry by $paide (Member)

Submit Date: October 26, 2007

Ayo I spit fire that値l burn a hater /
I知 the man, and I half (have) metal like the TERMINATOR /
Now they teamin on Ceaze so im getting INVOLVEd /
Throw salt on a slug, POP!, watch yall dissolve /
It痴 the BX bitch, n we finna DOMINATE /
Remind me of Prince痴 girl tits the way I palm the 8 /
Diamond fake, or should I say he just a lil phonier /
He need to change his name to Cubic Zaconia /
I知 ownin ya! Aaah man, I知 so wild /
Flow like the greatest river, damb I知 so Nile /
Yall spit bull shit like liver, its so bile /
Berretta squeeze put cheddar cheese holes in ya PROFILE /
yeh, I知 up North, and my wrists cold like the weather /
But I pack heat - even in August I roll round wit LEATHERs /
I知 forever, beyond Eternal, so follow INSTRUCTIONS /
I値l Osama bomb son, Chad Johnson, do my own inductions! /
Shi, why not, my jewelry so bright it could light up the dark /
And my style so right, you only left to bite like a SHARK /
You wouldn稚 like it when I park the black truck at ya house /
Break in and put a MILITARY gun in ya mouth /
Ceaze got a Win, so I gotta CONTRIBUTE to yall losses /
Bx bosses, flossers, laid back in the porsches /
Girls wit asses like horses, apple bottoms like orchards /
What I spat is like torches, mattafact it tortures /
spit sick im nautious, move shi like forklifts /
U cant see me like cataracts, u better act cautious /
Too quick, Randy Moss-ish, you need better forces /
Empty clips in ya torsos that値l lead to ya CORPSES /
Its DollaSine BiZZZeeee!

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