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Competition Entry by Maddafact (Guest)

Submit Date: November 28, 2007

I'm obsessed to impress when it comes to this CONTEST/ So digest what I'm blessed with and spit up the rest/Nothing less, nothing more, I aint satan just his spawn/ Eatin your flesh until it's gone and bury the rest in your lawn/ Emerging from nothing, coverge my life by adjusting/ I submerge under the surface and return for air rusting/ Busting this urge, merging and surging through thrusting/ Trust me, I'm on the verge to splurge and it's disgusting/ Stumbling with my back bent, Mumbling with an ACCENT/ Spinning with DYNAMO energy, man, I'm past it/ Makin a SLEEPING BAG out of an American flag/ Patriotic as fuck, salute "the spy who shagged"/ Yall fake and weak, spittin your shit in a COSTUME/ Silly faggots, how much them bogus khakis cost you?/ TOOTHPICK-thin rhymes, carryin weight like dimes/ I bring the flos, the shine, capture the breeze like chimes/ Got more knowledge than a LIBRARY in college/ Fuck your teeth up worse then them blokes in Holland/ So gimme every single last PASSWORD to count/ And your momma's number if it's an ass worth to mount/ Never HALLUCINATE, girls, you aint losin weight!/ Next time you want a remedy, bitch, choose an 8/ An eardrum's desire, a lyrical BONFIRE/ Lighting the way for you jokes to admire/ QUAD CITIES~!

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May 29, 2016

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