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Competition Entry by Lil FREEZE (Guest)

Submit Date: November 29, 2007

Always on my own side- sittin' on the fence
Movin' so fast i could win a CONTEST
dressin like i always do- it't not a COSTUME!
Sprayin' ma name on the wall of the LIBRARY
try to wash it off, it't not primary
I'm just tryin' to make it to the otherside
where the grass is greener? thats a lie!
I'll plow through your world like a rhino
go so much power they call me DYNAMO
never got caught cuz a PASSWORD is to protect
unlike you, all I've experienced is neglect
my heat burnin' up like a BONFIRE
just try to hold back ya own desire
your drugs cause you to HALLUCINATE
and burn your eyes so much it aggravates
TOOTHPICK in my mouth, my teeth stay fresh
your breathe stinks none the less
dont try to talk, cant understand ya ACCENT
has my world been destroyed? no it hasnt
the sun makes the world so hot its a drag
i have to sleep outside in a SLEEPING BAG
I live with no doubts and strive with no fear
everyday for you will be a nightmare
learn to honor me, I'll never go away
as long as you stay...
learn to respect the play!

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