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Competition Entry by homeboy (Member)

Submit Date: November 30, 2007

they call me da homeboy cuz i was made from the city/
hustled in the ghetto nigga thought i was pitied/
they call me names that i am not, they say i stole ghetto ACCENT/
had to flow with my soul, like weed they thought i'd HALLUCINATE/
ayo i spit razor sharp rhythm that leave you scars/
this can't be stupider than having SLEEPING BAGS for a bar/
i have no fears except for God that made me better than ever/
living with confidence essence my rep has passed mortal dynasty/
you call em clothing but i think you should have stared at the mirror/
cuz all y'all murthafuckers need to get to santa's a PASSWORD/
they call me boss like diddy cuz all y'all see is a TOOTHPICK/
between my sexy ass lips your bitch kissed with her lips/
i gat the legacy thats why they have my names in yo LIBRARY/
shorties gat a thing for sexin' in da sexiest outfit/
wierd, daug i leave u livin' resting my DYNAMO/
careful nigga with em skirts cuz you might end with a scottish ho/
having that COSTUME on reminds me o Ms. world CONTEST/
a little puff should do da trick and you might live through da conflict/
should i spawn a piece of choes to cool, into my temper/
till i retire nigga i'm blessed, watch out for my BONFIRE/

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