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Competition Entry by NYCeaze (Member)

Submit Date: November 30, 2007

Listen I speak Spanish without the ACCENT/ you ignorant motherfuckers are considered has beens/ What happened? Your lame raps got me laughing/ talking bout you used to be nice, stuck in past tense/ Your words get cut like dairy/ I'm fly like fairy's/ the kid flows smooth like ferry's/ I don't buy into that "sharing is caring"/ cuz my money stacks pile like books in a LIBRARY/ I blow Haze and HALLUCINATE/ I'm heavy in the streets, but I'm used to weight/ Now the priest prays for me but he's losing faith/ Cuz the Church says I'm rotten like tooth decay/ But, my drive's DYNAMO/ When it comes to the ammo/ I grip and drop clips like Rambo/ Ignore the fact that its the evening man/ Either way you'll end up in a SLEEPING BAG/ Hidden and stored, and guess who I got too/ his girl with a brown paper bag, thats her COSTUME/ Put it over the head, yes I'm too sick/ had my dick resting in her mouth like a TOOTHPICK/ Now to dispose of prints, set the bitch on fire/ Let it burn like Usher, like a BONFIRE/ But back to the case, Imma stop the nonsense/ Cuz I see no competition in this CONTEST/ I'm stepping on you niggas like I tap dance/ Cuz you aren't saying shit like a scat man/ Keep my name out your mouth, and suck on my Bratswurth/ Cuz I'm hard to figure out just like a PASSWORD. NY

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