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Competition Entry by NASTY (Guest)

Submit Date: December 3, 2007

I am a GOD in a man body ,YOUNG JEEZY is a bitch in a man body,from africa wit a clear ACCENT,am here his ass is past tense,i spit my verse hardcore no LIBRARY shit, JEEZY a pretty niga s here FEGGET u gon swallow my dick, hw u gon raid the block wit some fake AKs and claim to be a true DYNAMO,raid your block you kno why cz u aint close to a dynamo,im a hassler when i cut ur financial routes u gon sleep in a SLEEPING BAG,homeless or died niga choose ur destiny put u in an ice bag,thats where ur shit lack,the CONTEST is mine bt i dnt nid the COSTUME,A true BONFIRE,YO i spit firrrrrre,u cant get in my hood witout da PASSWORD,ur crew aint got no PASS U HEARD,so im gon shuff ur hose voice wit a TOOTHPICK,u gon run around wit a LOOSE DICK,I BURN UR CAPSULE NOW U START TO HALLUCINATE U BITCH

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May 29, 2016

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