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Competition Entry by eternalprince (Member)

Submit Date: December 4, 2007

Fake M.C.ís tryin to speak my language, got me feelin so spent/
Yall like a Hyundai, yall keep fuckin up the ACCENT//
Grab a TOOTHPICK and try to keep my name out ya mouth/
Or else Iím choppin ya body, takin a trip down south//
Wit ya body in a SLEEPING BAG tied in a knot/
Throw you on a BONFIRE, look, you finally hot//
Just admit, I spit the hottest shit yall ever heard/
Niggaz think Iím CNN the way I PASS da WORD//
Got ya thug COSTUME on, now ya startin to HALLUCINATE/
Like you really that hard and you pushin weight//
But like a virgin on a 1st date, you just scary/
No back bone, couldnít find spine in a LIBRARY//
So when you see Eternal coming, just let him pass/
Or that DYNAMO flow just might burn that ass//
MADDAFACT, please step back with yall SPARETIMERHYMES/
HOMEBOY ya shit donít rhyme, sounds NASTY every time//
ďfly like fairyísĒ NYCEAZE did you have a LIL brain FREEZE?/
Thatís some gay ass shit, I bet you stay on ya knees//
Itís like this, either Iím gon learn you or burn you/
And if I didnít say ya name, you cool, this donít concern you.//

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