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Competition Entry by twiggy (Member)

Submit Date: December 7, 2007

yeah straight from the top
like am sent from the sky
like a spy
the invisible with an ACCENT
a language you cant CONTEST
even you are honest
cause you cant see me or neither get me
but trying to know me
i 'll come meet you when u're already dozzed off
on a SLEEPING BAG in the dream land
giving you a valuable assent
in which u will use in openining my biograghy
and get your self hook up
with your ass fixed up with a DYNAMO
which make you look like you've been CUSTOME
smeeling like you've been a long time adventure
looking like a new human being
but to you is till not sound like they are all HALLUCINATE
cause u're buzzed up like a BONFIRE
a street finder
Yo better you stay off the invisible cause u cant context

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