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Competition Entry by DiamondA (Member)

Submit Date: December 10, 2007

VI representa ya im speakin with an ACCENT/virgin island gangstas put the VI on my hat then/whut dey want with mac10's? leave him on his back then/caskets turn SLEEPING BAGS fuckin with da diamond/steppin out da ride steady ballin and shinin/fresh 16 comin from the big island/ceaze wanna beef he could sure dam try then/won one CONTEST so nigga he think he flyin/but im here to remind him/he aint livin the life of that gangsta COSTUME he put b4 yo eyez and/HALLUCINATIN spaide hatin well ima fight man/cuz diamond aint backin from no bitch made life man/this young chick aint tryin to rendevous/thinkin diamond is a guy chicks buss lyrics too/TOOTHPICK out fake G's just like you/ but a few a these fools try and loosen screws/fuckin with a bad bitch you on the 3'0 clock news/now i got your loved ones singin we got da blues/cuz OOPS! the gun popped off now blood all oozed/homocide case unsolved no trace or clues/murderous lyrics bring to mind a deja vu/eat my shit i drops rhymez like extra heavy/take a look at the scenario yall aint quite ready/ so quit lookin up lyrics in yo LIBRARY/this flow DYNAMO want mo? ill go steady/if you really think you hot then im a BONFIRE/PASSWORD low key so im on fire

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May 29, 2016

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